Koval Bhatia

Making a travel show in the pandemic

Postcards from Arunachal is finally on air, after months of rigour, sleepless nights and crazy levels of stress. A show that was pitched over a year ago, got put on hold due to the pandemic, and was made eventually by sheer will and a lot of brilliant teamwork. A crew of over 20 people traveled 3000 km across Arunachal Pradesh, through absolutely breathtaking valleys and pristine forests, and put this labour of love together. From peeing in bushes, to breaking down from stress in the front seat of an Innova and listening to Lamberghini on repeat, the entire experience was a lesson in How To Direct and Produce During A Pandemic While Murphy’s Law Hovers Above You At All Times.

I am still pretty amazed at how we pulled this off, but we did, and that’s all that matters. I had a fantastic team, a lovely actor and a lot of pent up energy from 2020. On to the next one, I suppose!

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